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Transfer your telephone number

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  • Click here to download the number transfer agreement, please follow the instructions within the document to transfer your existing telephone number to Talk Motion.
  • Please note that porting your number may take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to complete. You should not cancel service with your current service provider during this process, doing so will result in loosing your current telephone number.
  • Your Talk Motion welcome package will not be shipped out until your telephone number has been successfully ported over. Once you receive your welcome package, you will be able to start using your phone service immediately.

DSL Customers: Your DSL provider may require you to keep an active number with them to qualify for DSL service. Before filling out the port agreement and getting the process started to move over a DSL provider’s telephone number, make absolutely sure that your DSL service will remain intact. Some DSL providers will allow “naked DSL” or dry-loop (DSL with no telephone line), but the majority do not. If you find that your DSL provider does not, then you may want to consider keeping that one number with a low cost service to reduce its cost. Alternatively you may switch your Internet service to a cable Internet connection.

Cable & Satellite Customers: Our service will work perfectly fine with any Cable or Satellite service, there is nothing further to do.



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